Blake Griffin owns Kendrick Perkins in "Dunk of the Year"


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LA Clippers power forward Blake Griffin dunked on Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night, in what people have deemed the "Dunk of the Year."

The Los Angeles crowd erupted when Griffin got the upper hand--literally--over the nearly 7-foot center, straining in mid-air to reach the basket and swatting the ball into the hoop with his fingertips. Once his feet returned to the court, Griffin felt a powerful set of arms wrap around his body, taking his breath away. It was Clippers center DeAndre Jordan congratulating his teammate on a play which the NBA TV announce team called, simply, "a monster jam."

Also singing Griffin's praises was Lebron James of the Miami Heat, who was awarded "top play" status by ESPN's SportsCenter just a few hours earlier for his impressive dunk in a game against Chicago on Sunday. "King James" took to Twitter just after midnight Tuesday to concede defeat, stating, "Wow! I guess I'm #2 now."
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