Black cat thrown off of bridge rescued by boat captain

As soon as Smith realised the object thrown off of bridge was a cat, he immediately went to scoop it out of the water.


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DESTIN, FLORIDA — A charter boat captain made an unexpected catch when he rescued a drowning cat off the coast of Florida last Thursday.

According to Northwest Florida Daily News, Jordan Smith, 35, was piloting his boat near the northwest side of the bridge to pick up a group for a fishing trip, that is when Smith saw something fly off Marler Bridge. He initially thought somebody had thrown a bag of trash into the water.

When the object started moving, Smith then thought it was an otter. But once it started swimming in his direction, Jordan realised it was actually a cat that desperately needed help. Smith immediately scooped the black feline out of water, despite the fact that his boat bumped into the bridge a couple of times during the rescue.

After being saved, the poor feline reportedly grabbed a tight hold of Smith's arm until they were all the way back to shore.

Smith later contacted law enforcement about the incident, but the case is inactive as there's no significant evidence that the cat had been thrown off the bridge.

Smith plans to adopt the kitty and wants to name her "Miracle".
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