Belligerent sea lion beats the piss out of a fisherman and his stupid dog

Once the fishermen freed the sea lion from the net on the boat, the creature appeared more confused than a starving baby in a titty bar.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

Commercial fishermen aboard a Russian vessel brought in a sea lion with their nets. As soon as they cut the net to free the creature, the sea lion grabbed a crew member and tossed him to the floor.

A brilliant crew member then chucked what appeared to be a fish at the confused sea lion, which did little more than get the dog interested in the salt-water beast. The sea lion tossed aside the dog.

The crew eventually used a water hose to blast the animal to the side of the boat. The sea lion returned to the water, taking with him one hell of a story about the time he beat the piss out of a fisherman and his stupid little dog.
No, you may not beat off a dead horse at Walmart!

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