Belgian pilot dangles from power line as F-16 jet crashes in France

The fighter jet was on a practice flight from Belgium to an airbase in France.


NSFW    LORIENT, FRANCE — A fighter jet has crashed in France, leaving two of its pilots slightly injured.

A Belgian F-16 aircraft took off from Florennes, Belgium and was heading to the French Naval Air Station in Lorient, France when its engine malfunctioned.

The fighter jet was not carrying any weapons, the BBC reports, citing officials.

Both the pilots successfully ejected from the aircraft, Euronews reports. One of the pilots was left hanging from a power line as his parachute got caught. It's unclear how the other pilot landed.

The French emergency services conducted a two-hour rescue operation to save the pilot stuck on the power line, according to the BBC.

Officials said both pilots survived and only suffered minor injuries.

After the two pilots ejected, the fighter jet's wing went on to smash the roof of a house before crashing into a nearby field, BBC News reports, citing French newspaper Le Telegramme.
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