Belgian ex-footballer dies after being struck by lightning in Bali

Denis Andre Dasoul was surfing in Bali last Sunday when he and his instructor were struck by lightning while on the water.


NSFW    BALI, INDONESIA — A Belgian former footballer was unfortunately killed while surfing in Bali, Indonesia last Sunday when he was struck by lightning.

The victim has been identified as 34-year-old ex-footballer Denis Andre Dasoul.

An Australian expatriate who spoke to Tomonews witnessed the event, and said that he and his brother were taking a surfing lesson themselves when they heard a deafening lightning crack from a distance of about 25 meters behind them.

The sound was of lightning striking Dasoul and his instructor, who were sitting on a surfboard on the water.

Many local residents immediately rushed to help. Someone reportedly administered CPR, and the instructor made it, but Dasoul unfortunately did not survive.
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