Beijing may use facial recognition to ban people from parks

Maybe China should just ban people.


NSFW    Police State

BEIJING — Feel like going to the park? Well, if you're in lovely Beijing, then you may need to get a facial recognition scan first.
According to the ultra-CCP-friendly Global Times, Beijing park management d-bags said they may establish a blacklist using AI security cameras to ban uncivilized visitors from entering.
Over the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday weekend, parks in Beijing saw a big uptick in visitors, which apparently led to a whole bunch of less than exemplary behaviour.
Looks as if some Chinese people were seen climbing peach trees, picking flowers and damaging plants.
There were also people fishing near a lake where it's prohibited, as well as people selling things in the park without the proper permits.
Officials think the facial recognition cameras will help detect all the detrimental behavior, so that it can be snuffed out. Good luck with that.
China has placed itself at the forefront of super creepy facial recognition technology in order to keep its nose in everyone's business.
So, if you're living in China, relax and rest assured, someone is watching.
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