Beijing bans medium and large dog breeds

A Beijing ban on medium to large breeds of canines has left pet owners distraught and scrambling to euthanize their pets.


NSFW    BEIJING — Beijing has hit a new low as far as animal rights, banning medium to large dogs and threatening to sick the cops on them if the owners don't comply.

According to a legal notice reposted by Taiwan's Green Party, Beijing's southeast district of Tongzhou is banning residents from raising dogs taller than 35 centimeters.

Pet owners are given a three-day grace period after receiving the notice to "dispose" of their fur babies. If they don't comply, police officers will come and impound the animal, which in China basically means beating them to death in public.

Rather than risk such a brutal end for their beloved pets, many owners have chosen the lesser evil of having their fur babies euthanized at the vet.

CTS reports that some folks on Weibo can't afford to properly euthanize their pets, and have had to suffocate or kill the poor pups themselves.

Beijing animal rescue group CaliPaw has also been looking for volunteers with travel plans to San Francisco or L.A. to help rescue the dogs.

Tongzhou police say the Draconian ban is actually part of a list of dog management regulations that took effect in 2003, and justified its enforcement by saying there have been complaints since November about misbehaving dogs.

Yeah, no one's buying that. Congratulations, China, for reaching a whole 'nother level of cruel.
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