Bear slams trainer who forced it to push wheelbarrow in Russia

The bear just wasn't having it.


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KIRELIA, RUSSIA — A big old black bear being forced to perform at some two-bit traveling circus in Russia had a bit of a dispute with one of the trainers.
According to the Moscow Times, the performing bear was filmed on Wednesday by circus-goers on the Russian side of Karelia.
Footage shows the bear being forced to push a wheelbarrow in a tiny circus tent in front of an audience with NO protective barrier.

The bear was wearing a leash around its neck and being led toward the side of the ring when it decided to hit the PAWS-button.
The roughly 600 pound bear then suddenly turns and slams the trainer to the ground and pins him to the ground.
An assistant trainer runs at the bear and tries to distract the animal by kicking it. Ummm—let's just say that didn't work.
Audience members then make an immediate beeline for the only exit in the circus tent.
According to LadBible, reports say an electric shock stick had to be used to get the bear off the trainer.
The Moscow Times reports that the circus said neither the bear nor the trainer was seriously injured.
Authorities in Kirelia have launched an investigation into the incident.
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