Bear shot during hunting trip falls, badly injuring soldier who shot it

Two soldiers went on a hunting trip when they decided to shoot a bear, which then fell on one of the soldiers.


NSFW    SOLDOTNA, ALASKA — A soldier in the army was injured after being struck by a falling bear he shot on a hunting trip, reports KTVA.

William McCormick and Zachary Tennyson were on a hunting trip when they saw a black bear above them on a ridge."

They decided to shoot the bear, causing it to start tumbling down the slope, toward McCormick and Tennyson.

The men tried to get away but only Tennyson escaped unharmed.

McCormick was then struck by the 200-pound black bear, along with a bunch of rocks.

McCormick was airlifted by a helicopter to the Providence Alaska Medical Center after receiving serious injuries, according to KTUU.
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