Bear breaks into house, leaves by smashing through wall

A wild bear that broke into a home in Colorado carried out a dramatic escape ala the Kool-Aid man.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

ESTES PARK, COLORADO — A bear in Colorado cartoon-smashed its way out of a house in a scene straight out of a Looney Tunes skit...or a juice commercial.

Homeowner John Sliwinski told 9News that he'd taken the trash into the house Friday night so it wouldn't attract any bears, but then went upstairs without closing the door.

In no time at all, a bear sauntered in and went straight for the deviled eggs in the garbage, accidentally shutting the door in the process.

The perp was frantically chewing and scratching at the wall when officers arrived. But rather than risk police custody, it opted for a daring escape and smashed straight through the wall.

Guess watching all those Kool-Aid commercials finally paid off.

Estes Park Police posted about the incident on their Facebook page. They also put up a warning to lock houses and vehicles and keep the wildlife wild — which translates to: stop feeding the damn animals.

Bears are pretty smart. Feed 'em once and they'll keep coming back to your house or car whether you're there or not.
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