Bear bites Chinese man: Bear in drive-thru wildlife park was in the mood for Chinese

A bear was in the mood for some Chinese when he took a bite out of a man who was dumb enough to roll down his window while visiting a wildlife park near Beijing.


NSFW    You Idiot!

BEIJING — A bear decided to take a bite out of a visitor at a drive-through wildlife park last Friday, after the man ignored warnings not to feed the animals.

The man, surnamed Chen, was warned not to roll down his windows while he was visiting Badaling Wildlife World near Beijing with a friend, BBC reported.

After seeing other people in the park feed the bears from their car windows, the two men did the same, Chen said in an interview with the Beijing Evening News.

When the bear ambled up to the car, Chen says he tried to roll up the window, but it didn’t work and rolled down instead.

The bear then lunged in and took a little nibble of Chen’s left shoulder.

The two men then sped off and went to get Chen’s shoulder looked at. Chen escaped with only minor injuries.
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