Baskin Robbins employee foils robbery by taking matters into her own fists

An employee from a Baskin Robbins in Lynnwood, Washington decided to fight an armed robber in an effort to protect her store


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Rachael Bishop, a teenager working in a Baskin Robbins in Lynnwood Washington, foiled a robbery by fighting back.

An unidentified man walked into her store and asked for change of a dollar. Soon, the robber revealed his intentions and threatened the young woman.

It was something that the robber did not expect. Instead of cowering in a corner, Bishop punched him repeatedly and gave chase. She alerted and warned onlookers that the man had a gun. Local police were able to arrest him shortly afterwards.

According to Q13 Fox News, her boss told her next time to be careful and just give the money.

Bishop said that though she was shaken after what happened she still continued working because she needed the hours.
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