Baseball Wives Anna Benson felony assault arrest raises her ugly past


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Anna Benson, the former stripper and rags-to-riches estranged wife of former MLB star pitcher Kris Benson, broke into the athlete’s Atlanta apartment on July 8 with intent to rob him at gunpoint. News has now resurfaced of her link to a bloody 1996 murder in Tennessee.

The 37-year-old burst into Kris Benson’s apartment equipped with a handgun, hatchet, baton and bullet proof vest. She then demanded $30,000 and threatened to beat her husband if he didn’t come through. Kris told her he’d find a lighter so she could have a cigarette and made his escape.

Back in 1996 she allegedly told her then-boyfriend to ‘get rid of’ mutual friend Michael Evans. The boyfriend, Paul Dejongh, took this to mean murder, and shot the 19-year-old student twice in the head.

Police found Evans dead in the lovers’ squalid apartment surrounded by coloured balls and drug paraphernalia.

After months on the run, Benson, then known as Warren, was captured but eventually cleared. Paul Dejongh was found guilty of murder and later died in jail.
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