Badger discovers medieval pagan warriors in underground tomb


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A valuable piece of Europe’s pre-Christian history has been unearthed by a badger in Brandenburg. On land that was formerly the domain of polytheistic Slavic lords, a badger found an ideal place to put its burrow. In the process of excavating it’s domicile, the badger unearthed a human pelvis. After deciding on an upgrade, the badger moved out, leaving the pelvis where it landed.

Later in 2012, a couple of German sculptors who go by Ring and Wilhelm, were traipsing about their property when they noticed the misplaced pelvis. Knowing that another medieval burial ground had been located across the road from them, they shoved a camera down the badger burrow to find out what else was inside. When they discovered more human artifacts they decided to call in the local authorities.

In all, the grave contained eight skeletons, including a warrior, two Slavic lords, and one of their wives, all from the 12th century. Along with the skeletons were a clutch of jewelry and other artefacts, but the grave showed signs of having been robbed in the social strife that followed the collapse of non-Christian rule in that area.
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