Badass K9s take down ruthless criminals

Watch these five badass pups as they track and take down criminals.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

1. After a high-speed chase through Grand Prairie, Texas, cops cornered a suspect pretending to wield a gun. Officer Jeff Payne deployed K9 Jurek, who quickly took down the man, his flashlight and his gun.

1. A Florida Deputy and his canine partner Shep were the epitome of teamwork, splitting up to catch two criminals who stole and crashed a Ford Expedition.

1. Indianapolis police and their brave K9 Tipster apprehended a wanted man who led police on a lengthy chase. He later admitted to shooting heroin during the car chase. Crazy!

1. Pasco K9 Knox successfully tracked a speeding suspect who fled on foot into a densely wooded and swampy area, and then proceeded to celebrate his victory by attacking the bad guy with licks to the face. Now that's a takedown!

1. An Ohio driver who refused to leave his vehicle and comply with police had to be forced out by a K9, who jumped into the vehicle and latched onto his arm.
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