Backward leg allows young cancer patient to dance again

Delaney Unger had the innovative surgery to allow her to continue to dance.


NSFW    STONYBROOK, NEW YORK — A young cancer survivor is still able to dance thanks to an innovative surgery.
Delaney Unger, 12, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the left knee in 2016, which would require chemotherapy and amputation of her knee, according to CNN.
Because of the location of her Unger's cancer, doctors were able to perform a rare procedure called a rotationplasty.

During a 13 hours surgery in April of 2017, she had her left knee completely amputated.
Surgeons then took Unger's ankle and foot, rotated them 180 degrees and attached them to the stump of her thigh, according to Newsday.
This allowed her ankle to function as a knee.
In October of 2017, Unger received a prosthetic which fits over the backward-oriented foot and extends up the thigh. The prosthesis lets her walk, jump and dance.
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