Backpacker loses tip of finger after Australian farming accident

British backpacker had the tip of her finger chopped off by an onion-peeling machine.


NSFW    KILLARNEY, AUSTRALIA — A British backpacker lost the tip of her finger after her hand got stuck in an onion peeling machine at an Australian farm.

Rhianne Jacklin, 21, sustained the injury while working at Warwick Farms Killarney on a three-month stint, according to the Sun.

She was trying to clean the onion peeling machine, only problem was that she wasn't properly trained how to.

After it happened, Jacklin said she ran around the building for three minutes before she found another coworker to help clean up her finger and bandage her hand.
She was taken to Toowoomba Hospital for surgery, where excess bone sticking out of her finger was cut back and her finger skin stretched over the wound.

Rhianne's right hand ring finger is now permanently one centimeter shorter. She says she's also suffered a bit of depression since the incident last week.
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