Baby dolphin stressed to death by dumb tourists taking pictures

A baby dolphin stuck on a beach was stressed to death after tourists handled it and took it out of the water for pictures.


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MOJACAR, SPAIN — A baby dolphin stranded on a beach is no longer around after being taken out of the water and photographed by tourists.

The female calf became stranded on a beach in Mojacar, Almeria, when it was approached by beachgoers, the Telegraph reported.

According to Equinac — a non-profit group who rescues marine turtles and wildlife — the young dolphin would have been "terrified" and railed on the people who handled the animal.

"Humans are the most irrational animal there is. Many people are unable to feel empathy for a living being which is frightened, starving hungry, without its mother," they said in a Facebook post.

Photographs show kids touching the dolphin and accidentally covering its blowhole.
In a subsequent post, the organization clarified that it wasn't blaming the tourists for the stranding, but criticized them for photographing and touching the animal, which caused it to become highly stressed.
"Let us remind everyone that these animals are highly protected; to disturb them, to harm them and to manipulate them is prohibited by law, and we always ask for respect and consideration."
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