Baby dolphin dies after being mobbed by selfie-seeking tourists

Yet another baby dolphin has died in Argentina after it was mobbed by tourists seeking to take the perfect selfie.


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SAN BERNARDO, ARGENTINA — Stupid, badly-behaving tourists are at it again, sacrificing yet another poor animal to the altar of the perfect selfie.

La Capital reports that a group of tourists spotted a baby dolphin swimming near the shore in San Bernardo, Argentina on Sunday, and promptly dragged the creature out of the water.

After parking it on the beach, the group began taking photos with the tiny mammal. A video taken of the incident shows a crowd of people huddled around the poor animal, petting and stroking it.

A woman at the scene told local news channel C5N that the tourists let the dolphin die. They took photos instead of returning the animal to the water, claiming it was already dead.

It’s the second time in about a year that idiotic tourists have hassled a dolphin to death in Argentina. In February 2016, an endangered young La Plata dolphin was passed around by beachgoers until it died of dehydration.
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