Baby dies 100 minutes after birth and becomes UK's youngest organ donor

A newborn who died 100 minutes after his birth donated his kidneys and heart valves, making him the youngest organ donor in Britain.


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The parents of Teddy Houlston, a twin boy born without a brain, decided to donate his organs when he died just 100 minutes after his birth, making him the youngest organ donor in Britain.

Jess Evans from Cardiff, was pregnant with twin boys and 12 weeks into her pregnancy when she was told that one of the boys was suffering from anencephaly, a rare condition that halts development of the brain and skull.

Evans refused an abortion and the boys were born on April 22 last year. The other boy was born healthy, but Teddy Houlston only lived for 100 minutes. His parents donated his kidneys and heart valves to patients in need.

After Houlston died, his kidneys were extracted and transported from Cardiff to Leeds.

A patient with renal failure received the organs and the child size kidneys have since grown, reaching three-quarters the size of an adult kidney.

The details of the heart valve transplant have not been disclosed because of a confidentiality agreement. The surviving twin remains healthy.
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