Baby chicks hatch in the back of a Chinese truck on a hot day

A video that has gone viral on Chinese social media shows baby chicks apparently hatching on the back of a truck as it's moving.


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CHINA — A video of chicks hatching on the back of a moving truck has gone viral on Chinese social media.

The video was apparently taken in southeastern China, where the weather has been hotter than usual.

The video shows a moving truck carrying a ton of egg cartons, when chicks appear to start hatching from the eggs in the back.

In the video, we can see at least five hatched chicks and the feet of some yet-to-be hatched chicks trying to break through the egg shells.

Some netizens cast their doubts on the story, saying that the egg has to be fertilized in order for the chick to be born and fertilization of the egg takes up to 21 days, while others said that edible eggs don't just miraculously create baby chicks.

Others took a more light-hearted approach, with one netizen commenting that if the chicks were in the sun for just a while longer they would turn into delicious chicken nuggets.
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