Australia uses smart cameras to spot texting drivers

New South Wales Transport's camera system has already caught 100,000 texting drivers


NSFW    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — The Australian government has rolled out a smart traffic camera system to catch drivers who use cell phones on the road.

Transport for New South Wales officially activated the mobile phone detection system on Monday after the testing the technology from January to June this year.

According to NSW Transport, the system features high definition cameras with infrared flash. The cameras are linked to an artificial intelligence program.

The optics allow the system to see into the front cabinet of road vehicles and capture clear images during day or night and in all weather conditions.

The system's software then analyzes the images to spot drivers who are using mobile phones.

The algorithm excludes images of legal phone use but passes the suspicious ones to authorized reviewers, who checks the images before issuing penalties and fines.

NSW Transport says it expects to install 45 cameras across its jurisdiction by 2023.
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