ATM spray gel can mark crooks with evidence for up to five years

This is what crooks could look like next time they try to decide to swipe money from some ATMS in England.


NSFW    MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — British supermarket The Co-operative has outfitted of their ATMs in 2,500 stores with a traceable spray gel to deter would-be criminals.

Each sprayer has it's own forensic identifier, and only a speck of this is needed from the suspect to match it to the ATM, reported the Independent. The gel is visible under an ultraviolet black light.

If someone tries to break into an ATM, their clothes and face are sprayed with the gel.

Developer company Smart Water told the Guardian that the gel can be traced up to five years after being sprayed.

The technology reportedly reduced ATM theft by up to 90 percent in test areas in 2016.
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