ATM in Texas dispenses ‘help me' notes from worker trapped inside

A worker trapped inside an ATM in Corpus Christi, Texas had to resort to slipping notes through the machine’s receipt slot to beg customers for help.


NSFW    CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — A Texas contractor found himself held captive by a cash machine and had to go old school to get out.

KRIS-TV reports that the worker was changing the locks for the ATM vestibule when he was locked in because he left his swipe card in the truck. Poor fella also left his phone, so he couldn’t call for help.

But, the ATM was working just fine, and what he did have was a pen and paper. He resorted to slipping notes through the receipt slot, begging people to ‘Please help. I’m stuck in here, and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss.’

Unfortunately, everyone who got the note thought it was a bizarre joke, and the worker was stuck for two hours until someone took it seriously enough to call the cops.

Even the cops didn’t think it was for real, despite hearing a little voice coming from the machine. Still, they eventually came to the man’s rescue, kicking down the door to finally get him out.

Now there’s a man who’s never been so happy to get away from a cash machine. Crazy!
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