At least 8 killed in China kindergarten explosion

At least 8 people died and 65 more were injured in a blast at a kindergarten in Xuzhou, in the coastal province of Jiangsu on Thursday.


NSFW    XUZHOU, CHINA — At least eight people died and a further 65 were injured in an explosion at a kindergarten in eastern China on Thursday.

The blast occurred in Xuzhou, in the coastal province of Jiangsu at around 5 p.m. when parents and other relatives were gathered outside the gates waiting for class to finish, the New York Times reported.

Witnesses told local media that a gas cylinder at one of the food stalls outside the kindergarten may have caused the explosion, according to the South China Morning Post.

It is unclear whether any children from the kindergarten were injured but reports suggest they were inside the building, so were shielded from the blast.

However, citing state-run Xinhua news agency, Reuters reports investigators have said that the explosion was a “criminal act” and that they have identified a suspect.
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