At least 11 dead in Hawaii skydiving plane crash

This is said to be one of the worst civilian disasters in Hawaiian history.


NSFW    HONOLULU, HAWAII — A skydiving plane crashed in Hawaii over the weekend leaving behind no survivors, reports the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

The incident is said to be one of the worst civilian disasters in Hawaiian history.

The aircraft was a Beechcraft BE65-A90 and was operated by the Oahu Parachute Center, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

The crash took place near Dillingham Airfield in Honolulu at 6:30 P.M. on Friday soon after takeoff, according to Hawaii News Now.

The television station cites witness Steven Tickemyer as saying that the aircraft dived down before the crash and was engulfed in flames as soon as it hit the airfield's fence line.

Honolulu Police told the Star Advertiser that the victims included three men aged 27, 28 and 29, two women aged 26 and 27, plus six other men whose ages weren't revealed.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the plane crash, reports Hawaii News Now.

In a tweet, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said: "I am closely following the tragic developments out of Dillingham Airfield this evening. At this time our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims."

Elsewhere, Hawaii News Now reports friends and family of the victims have started laying flowers at the site of the crash to mourn the dead.
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