Ashley Young of Manchester United's diving, cheating ways


NSFW    What the Foul?

Manchester United winger Ashley Young is at the center of a cheating storm after he went all Greg Louganis twice last week, diving for penalties against Aston Villa and Queens Park Rangers.
Ashley Young is so good at diving that many fans are wondering if he actually practices his diving in training. Even Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson said he is worried Young may get a reputation as a "diver." But Ferguson won't worry too much as long as Ashley Young's repeated conning of referees helps Utd retain the Premier League title in 2012.

Many in England blame the diving culture on the influx of cheating continental players since the inception of the Premier League. But it's not all bad. With Young on the national side, England may finally be able to field a competitive team in the next World Cup.
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