Article 13: Why YouTube may go dark in Europe

Millions of Europeans could lose access to the website.


NSFW    BRUSSELS — YouTube may soon start blocking Europeans from viewing content on the platform due to radical new proposals for European copyright law known as Article 13.

Currently, individuals are responsible for ensuring they are within their rights to publish copyrighted material to the internet. The new law, Article 13 of the EU's Copyright Directive, changes this. It places enhanced responsibility on the website. Online platforms would be expected to have automated checks in place to filter out uploads containing copyrighted content.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explained in a Nov. 12 post on the YouTube Creator Blog that songs such as Despacito use various copyrights, and not all rights holders are known. It's because of this uncertainty and the financial risk associated with it, that YouTube may block Europeans users from viewing such content in the future.
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