Arrest me! This viral picture of a Dutch cop might boost crime in the Netherlands

In April of 2012, a officer responded to a jewelry store robbery in the Netherlands, and somebody snapped a picture of her that has gone viral — twice.


NSFW    Good Cop

After two years of laying low, a picture of a smoking hot female Dutch cop is once again going viral. Some claimed that this sexy cop was an actress, but it appears that this photo was taken at the scene of a real crime.

Back in April of 2012, robbers in the Netherlands used pepper spray to knock off a jewelry shop. They sprayed customers and staff before escaping with several expensive watches. They were later busted, but that’s not the real story here.

A video of the crime scene appears to show the woman in the background. Other members of the crime response team can also be seen with the stunning officer.

She’s real, guys. The real question is, is the Netherlands ready for droves of pubescent boys committing misdemeanor crimes for the slim chance of being frisked by a blond vixen in cowboy boots?

If that’s you, make sure you’re really specific when told “anything you say can and will be held against you.” And weed’s considered a soft drug in the Netherlands, too, so make sure you stash something more illicit down your pants.
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