Armed cops locked in 45-minute standoff with cuddly stuffed tiger

Scottish cops had a 45-minute standoff with what looked like a wild tiger, but was in reality a very realistic-looking stuffed animal.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

PETERHEAD, SCOTLAND — Armed cops engaged in a standoff with what they thought was a wild animal, only to realize it was nothing more than a cuddly toy.

According to the North East Police Division, the hullabaloo started last Saturday night in Peterhead, Scotland, when a farmer spotted what appeared to be a vicious tiger in his cowshed, and called the cops.

Photos of the animal were shown to an expert sergeant, who confirmed that it was totally, definitely, a 100% real tiger. Several police units and a dog handler sent to the farm to tackle the wild beast even nervously reported that its ears were twitching and that it seemed well-fed.

Let's just say that tiger was definitely stuffed — literally, as the cops and the farmer soon found out.

Fortunately, everyone was a good sport about the whole incident. Though neither the cops nor the farmer have any clue as to who set up the prank.

No one seems that concerned either, and netizens seem to be enjoying poking fun at the police for once.
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