Arizona teen in ‘police brutality' clip no angel, provoked the whole incident

The video seems to have parallels to the Eric Garner case, but that’s only because the first few minutes of the incident weren’t filmed.


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You may have seen a video being shared around the internet over the last few days of a Phoenix area teen being accosted by police. In it, the teenager says “I can’t breathe,” and it has a lot of folks understandably relating it to the unfortunate incident in New York City where Eric Garner is seen being choked by an NYPD officer.

However, this particular incident in Mesa, Arizona could not have been any more different.

First off, the 15-year-old girl had an argument with her mom and stormed off saying she was running away from home. The girl’s mother called police when she couldn’t get her to come back on her own.

Now here’s the crucial part: When police finally caught up to the girl, a female officer was trying to get her to stop and answer questions, and instead the girl lashed out, striking the officer first. Oh, and her mother was on the scene the entire time.

And that guy that took the video — he says he was asked to delete stuff, but we never saw that on the video, and he can’t be reached for comments by us, the media.

So guess what that makes this whole story seem like to us then? (hint: male bovines are known for producing it by the truckload.)

The teen’s mother says she has a history of running away.
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