Argentinian toddler drinking puddle water sparks outrage

The image has brought international shame, outrage and criticism towards Argentina.


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POSADAS, ARGENTINA — A photo of a girl, probably no older than 3,drinking water from a puddle in Posadas, Argentina went viral earlier this month.

An image of those horrible circumstances went viral and brought international shame, outrage and criticism towards Argentina. It was was photographed by a local journalist who had stopped at a nearby traffic light.

The image was then shared with others in Posadas, including UNICEF aid worker Migue Rios who eventually posted it to Facebook.

Reportedly, the girl is from Mbyá Guarani community. They're one of Argentina's several indigenous groups.

According to reports, journalists in the area banded together and got some water for the kids. Rios also said that the girl in the photo was seen by medical staff afterwards.

Argentina, a Southern Hemisphere country, itself is currently in the height of its summer.
It's also currently embroiled in mass protests over controversial social reforms.

Both the World Bank and CIA data list Argentina as one of the most unequal countries on the planet. Reportedly, Myba kids are sent by families into Posadas to beg for money.
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