Are school shooting detectors the next big thing in school security?

The sensors have two microphones that listen for a loud blast and two infrared cameras that look for a flash. If both are detected, the system sends an alert.


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Are school shooting alarms the answer to gun violence in schools? Christian Connors, CEO of Shooter Detection Systems, sure hopes they are. He’ll make a fortune if he’s right.

Connors says his system can detect gunshots fired within 25 meters of a sensor. The sensors are equipped with two infrared cameras that look for a flash from a firearm.

The sensors also have two microphones that listen for a loud blast. Only when both a flash and loud bang are detected does the system notify police and teachers of a shooting. It provides them with the exact location and a screenshot of the location where the shots were fired, with the aim of reducing response times and minimizing casualties.

The manufacturer’s website lists the average duration of a school shooting at 12-and-a-half minutes, and the average response time at 18 minutes. It claims that minimizing response times and human errors will reduce casualties in future school shootings. The device also ensures students are constantly reminded that their classmates might go psycho at any moment.
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