Arab neighborhood vandalized in East Jerusalem


NSFW    Vandals slashed cars’ tires and sprayed anti-Arab graffiti in East Jerusalem on Monday (February 10), Israeli police said.

The incident occurred overnight in the mostly Arab neighbourhood of Ein Ilouza, near Silwan, south of the Old City. The vandals slashed parked cars’ tires and sprayed graffiti on cars and nearby walls.

Extremist Jewish settlers have been carrying out acts of vandalism in recent years, in
retaliation for Palestinian attacks.

According to Haaretz, last week, three settlers were charged with taking part in a so-called unprovoked anti-Arab attack, meaning the attack did not come in response to a settlement evacuation of other actions that extremist settlers consider a provocation.

The indictment was the first of these kind of attacks. The men were charged with torching a car and truck and spray-painting a Star of David on a wall in a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank in November 2013.
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