Apple's iCloud data to be stored in China's state-owned servers

Apple has announced they have been made to comply with new Chinese laws forcing data of Chinese citizens to be stored in China.


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CHINA — Apple has announced state-owned China Telecom will now store iCloud user data in China.

Apple had originally made a deal with Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, to move data from U.S. based servers to Chinese servers, reports TechCrunch.

China Telecom then made a deal with Guizhou-Cloud Big Data to provide storage for iCloud in China.

The encryption keys to iCloud data used to be stored in the U.S. but now will more than likely be stored in China.

In a statement, Apple says it was forced to comply with new Chinese laws.

Apple also told Reuters, even though they "advocated against iCloud being subject to these laws," they were ultimately unsuccessful.

There are privacy concerns as this gives the Chinese government easier access to personal information, reports the BBC.

However, Apple claims users in China can choose to opt out by choosing a country other than China for their iCloud account.
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