Apple employees keep walking into glass walls and calling 911

Watch where you're going.


NSFW    CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Apple's brand new, glass galore headquarters is turning quite a few heads. It's also cracking quite a few heads open as well.

Bloomberg reported last month that Apple workers were accidentally running into glass panes or walls in the new complex.

Well, it's been a month and people are still bumping their heads, so much so that there are now 911 transcripts of freaked out Apple nerds who don't walk very well, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Transcripts for three calls were obtained by the paper, taken during a three-day stretch in early January.

The transcripts look ridiculous on paper, and even sillier when read aloud. They all involve Apple workers and no doubt too much looking at your phone, and not where you're going.
Apple should really kick it up a notch and make the floors and ceilings all glass too.
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