Anorexic woman is so thin she can play living corpse in horror film

An anorexic Russian woman on the verge of the death has been told by her doctor that she's so skeletal she could play a living corpse in a horror movie.


NSFW    BARNAUL, RUSSIA — In trying to get a woman with an eating disorder back on the right track, one Russian doctor didn't mince words and went straight from zero to savage. reports that Kristina Karyagina suffers from severe anorexia. She's eaten only small pieces of fruit since high school, and has become dangerously underweight as a result.

The 26-year-old is so skeletal she weighs only 17 kilograms — the same weight as a 4-year-old child.

Her plight got public attention after reality TV star Maria Kokhno started an online campaign to raise money to fly her to a specialist for treatment.

Kokhno had previously battled with the disease, and arranged for Karyagina to see the same no-nonsense doctor who helped her get better.

In one appointment, he brutally asked the girl if she ever considered playing a living corpse in a horror movie- an approach which may be working, since she's started to eat more than just tiny bits of fruit.

It's but one milestone on a long road to recovery, but both Karyagina's mom and Kokho are hopeful that she will make it through.
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