Anonymous create pro-Taiwan page on United Nations website

Anonymous created a page supporting Taiwan though it has since been removed from the United Nations website.


NSFW    TAIWAN — Anonymous successfully hacked into a United Nations webpage and created a page that supports Taiwan.

Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations because China—who is one of the permanent members of the UN security council—won't allow it. China also forces the U.N. to deny Taiwan membership into the WHO, which is of vital importance especially at a time like this.

Hackers at Anonymous had created a UN page that had a black background with the logo of the hacking group, the words "TAIWAN NUMBAH WANNNN!!," the Taiwanese flag, the Kuomintang's party emblem and the flag of the Democratic Progressive Party, representing the two main political parties in Taiwan.

As we scroll further down, we see two videos. One is a video playing Taiwan's national anthem and another is a soundtrack titled, "It's Been a Long, Long Time," from the Marvel movie "Avengers Endgame."

The hacked page was shared via a link by a Reddit user.

Interestingly, 14 hours after the link was shared on Reddit, the UN had yet to take the page down, though it has since been removed.

Users on a Taiwanese subreddit praised the hacking group for standing up for Taiwan. One user said, "Okay, this is epic," while another said, "Awesome. Fully support taking advantage of the confusion of the virus crisis."
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