Animal cruelty: Taiwanese man tortures his pet hamster by throwing it in water 17 times in 2 minutes

A Taiwanese man tortured his pet hamster on video by throwing it in water repeatedly out of sheer cruelty.


NSFW    Liu Xia-tai(劉小泰) from Taiwan, took a video of him throwing his pet hamster into water. In the 2-minute clip named “Grandpa rat taking a bath (老公公鼠洗澡)”, we see him throwing the poor hamster and playing with it when it’s obviously scared.

The netizens raged and reported Liu to animal rescue team after he uploaded the video on web.

Liu was found by an animal rescue team investigating the case. Liu’s sole motivation? He simply thought it was fun.

The rescue team said although hamsters have the ability to swim, they are extremely afraid of water. The shocking impact might cause put them into a coma or even cause death.
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