Animal cruelty: Cat abuser given 3 year good-behaviour bond


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A college student abused a four month old kitten by taping it to the headboard of his bed. His cruel act was immediately slammed by internet users.

The student apologized and gave himself up. The judge put him on a three year good behaviour bond and ordered him to pay a HK$2000. He also volunteered at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 11 times to make up his bad deed.

In an even worse case, a 36-year-old bank clerk tied her dogs’ snouts up with cords. She defended the act on the grounds that neighbors complained her dogs barked too much.

The judge dismissed her explanation, saying it was obvious that the dogs would feel pain when their snouts were tied with cords in such a way.

She is now on bail until the her case is ruled on.
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