Angry customer punches bus driver and driver retaliates x10

Whiny b*tch customer gets car sick and angry at bus driver, gets what’s coming to him after he slaps the driver.


NSFW    YELIU, TAIWAN - One customer on board a long distance bus ride in Taiwan lost it and took his anger out on the bus driver. That was a mistake.

The customer, Mr. Yang, age 25, was complaining loudly that he was feeling motion sick. The bus driver stopped and asked the customers if anyone was feeling ill and needed a break, since no one-including Mr. Yang- spoke up the driver returned to driving the route.

Upon arrival at their destination, Mr. Yang confronted the bus driver. Mr. Yang starts off by telling the bus driver that he sucks at his job and he shouldn’t even have a driver’s license.

When the driver asks Mr. Yang why he didn’t speak up earlier Mr. Yang responds by slapping the driver in the face three times.

The bus driver then unleashes the thunder and slams Mr. Yang in the face multiple times. In fact, Mr. Yang falls forward and is clinging to the steering wheel to stay upright as the driver pounds his face like a lump of stubborn dough.

The driver then kicks Mr. Yang off the bus and punches him one more time for good measure. In a follow up investigation the driver’s actions were ruled as self-defense and Mr. Yang was ordered to issue a public apology and pay the driver USD $400 in compensation.

Once he recovers from the brain damage we imagine Mr. Yang’ll be driving himself around.
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