An increase of spiders appearing in UK homes

A researcher in the UK found the reason there is an increase of spiders from September to October because of mating season.


NSFW    UNITED KINGDOM — The reason why there is an increase of spiders appearing in people's' home is because it is mating season from September until October, the BBC reports.

Professor Adam Hart, an entomologist who conducted research on the behavior pattern of spiders and how they are affected during different seasons, found that 82% of the spiders seen in houses are male.

He explained female spiders are usually seen in webs formed in garages or window sills while the male spiders generally wander around looking for a dry place to mate.

Professor Hart suggested keeping doors and windows closed and keeping the house clean to deter spiders.

The researcher also said the public should ignore "old wives' tales" such as using peppermint oil, citrus fruit and even ostrich eggs to prevent the spread of spiders around the house.
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