An Air Canada Boeing 767 has close call in Madrid

One jet engine reportedly caught on fire after part of landing gear fell into the motors.


NSFW    MADRID — On Monday, Air Canda's Toronto-bound Flight 837 had to request an emergency landing almost immediately after taking off from the Barajas International Airport in Madrid.

The Associated Press reports that the Boeing 767 had a ruptured tire and that one engine had failed.

Citing a Spanish civil aviation official, AP reports that the landing gear did not fold up properly and a piece of it may have been ingested by the engine, causing damage.

According to the Spanish edition of The Local, the Spanish air force scrambled an F-18 to escort the Boeing and help assess the damage.

AP reports that the commercial jet circled over Madrid for nearly four hours to burn off fuel until it was light enough to attempt a landing.

Shortly after 7:10 p.m., the Boeing 767 made a safe landing back in Barajas with no injuries to the 128 passengers and eight crew on board.
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