Americans lost at sea for 5 months spotted by Taiwanese fishing boat

The U.S. Navy rescued two women lost at sea for five months after they were spotted by a Taiwanese fishing boat.


NSFW    PACIFIC OCEAN — Two Americans lost at sea for five months in the Pacific were rescued by the US Navy after being spotted by Taiwanese fishing boat.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba left Hawaii for Tahiti this spring with their two dogs, but had their engine fail on May 30 during a storm.
The pair continued on hoping to reach land by sail. They began issuing daily distress calls for two months, but were too far out to be heard by anyone.

On Tuesday, a Taiwanese fishing boat spotted the pair 900 miles southeast of Japan and contacted the U.S. Coast Guard in Guam.

The USS Ashland arrived the next morning to pick the women and their pooches up.

Appel and Fuiaba were able to survive because they had water purifiers and more than a year's worth of food on board.
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