American Airlines shames mom trying to carry-on breast pump

A Lakeview, Illinois mom was shamed by an American Airlines gate agent and supervisor after she tried to carry-on her breastfeeding supplies.


NSFW    LOS ANGELES — A breastfeeding mom says she was humiliated by American Airlines employees after attempting to bring her breast pump onboard.

Fox News reports that Kelsey Myers was boarding a Chicago-bound flight at LAX when a gate agent stopped her and said she had to check in one of her bags.

Myers claims she had a carry-on, a personal item, a small cooler of breast milk, and her breast pump. The airline allows each passenger to carry-on one personal item and a bag. But according to their own policy, breast milk cooler bags and pumps don't count toward that limit.

When Myers tried to explain this, the agent called a female supervisor, who reiterated that she needed to check her bag.

The new mom said she had extra pump supplies in her carry-on, and needed it with her, but was then chastised in front of 50 other passengers when the supervisor mockingly asked, "How many boobs do you have?"

Myers eventually checked a bag to end the humiliating confrontation, but has since sent in a complaint to the airline about how she was treated.

American Airlines contacted the her to offer an apology and a $75 voucher.

But Myers says it's not about the money, and she wants a proper apology.
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