Amazon may open 3,000 cashier-less Go stores by 2021

Say goodbye to the supermarket worker.


NSFW    SEATTLE — Amazon is planning on saying goodbye to supermarket workers after reports that it plans to open 3,000 Amazon Go stores by 2021.
According to Bloomberg, this would be a major move into brick-and-mortar for the online retail juggernaut.
The move would target grocery stores like Krogers, convenience stores like CVS and 7-Eleven, and big-box retailers like Target and Walmart.
According to Bloomberg, shoppers use a smartphone app to get into the store. After scanning their phone at a turnstile, they can grab whatever garbage they want and walk out without stopping at a register.
Sensors and computer-vision technology track what shoppers select and bill them automatically. Say goodbye to checkout lines — and human workers.
Amazon is still experimenting with what it wants to offer at the Go locations such as a convenience store that sells ready-to-go meals with some groceries, or something like a fast food joint.
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