Amazon delivery caught on camera stealing dog from yard

Amazon drivers caught after stealing a dog and trying to sell him on Craigslist


NSFW    PARKER COUNTY, TEXAS — A woman and her boyfriend got busted after stealing a random person's dog while on the job.

On July 5, Mycah Wade and Devanta Lynn Mooring were delivering packages for Amazon when they spotted a daschund in a neighborhood yard in Parker County, Texas.

They then stopped by the yard. Mooring got out of the van, grabbed the dog, named RJ, and the two sped away, according to the Weatherford Democrat.

A neighbor's doorbell camera had caught the duo in action. They immediately informed the owners of RJ: Anthony and Amanda Phillips.

The Phillips called the police who launched an investigation.

Local county Property Crimes Investigator Ethan Stark told the Weatherford Democrat that the two had asked a construction crew about RJ's owners. But instead of returning him, the two had placed an ad for the dachshund on Craigslist. They wanted $100 bucks for the daschund.

The investigators were able to track down the couple and return RJ to the Phillips.

Amazon issued a statement to the newspaper saying that the two are no longer delivering packages for the company.

In the statement, Amazon said, "This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service partners," adding that they are glad that the Phillips' have reunited with their family dog.
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