Amazon announces 10 days of Black Friday deals in the U.K.

Black Friday is coming up, which means it's time to buy more stuff you definitely don't need.


NSFW    UNITED KINGDOM — Amazon just announced the U.K. will get treated to 10 days of Black Friday deals for 2017.

Brits will get 10 whole days to rack up some fresh new debt on their plastic by wasting cream on a plethora of Amazon products.

The madness will begin at midnight on November 17 and run through to the end of Sunday, November 26.

Whatever you do, make sure to shop. Skip school, work, weddings, whatever you have planned that doesn't involve blind mass consumerism.

Already have an Amazon Echo or Dot? Who cares, buy some more. Buy a couple for each room.

Get a couple of new, useless Amazon Fires. Sure no one uses tablets anymore, but it's Black Friday folks.

And if you're a fan of fire spinning, definitely pick yourself up some Amazon Fire Sticks.
Most importantly, remember to shop irresponsibly and keep on accumulating.
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