Amazon Alexa throws party for itself while homeowner is away

A Hamburg man's home was raided by police after his Amazon Echo somehow played obnoxiously loud music during the wee hours of the morning while no one was home.


NSFW    HAMBURG, GERMANY — Amazon's AI assistant makes life easier for most people, except maybe this guy, whose Alexa decided to cause trouble while he was out.

According to the Telegraph, Hamburg resident Oliver Haberstroh claims his Amazon Echo played loud, obnoxious music between 1 and 3 in the morning, completely on its own, and without any prompt from him.

The deafening noise woke up the neighbors, who banged and screamed at the apartment before eventually calling the cops.

German police got a locksmith to open the door, but found no one inside except a voice-activated 'black jukebox' playing music.

Poor Haberstroh came home the next day and found his locks had been changed. He had to go to the police station and pay the hefty locksmith bill just to get the new keys.

Needless to say, the man and his smart assistant are not on speaking terms right now.

How the Echo even got turned on is still a mystery, since the apartment was on the sixth floor, and all windows were closed the whole time.

Though really, it's probably not too far fetched to think Alexa might already have a mind of its own.
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