Amazon AI bot makes the most ridiculous phone cases

An AI bot is churning out phone cases with bizarre yet hilarious images and selling them on Amazon.


NSFW    SEATTLE — Anyone looking for a new phone case would be wise to check out these delightfully hilarious ones sold on Amazon.

The designs are courtesy of seller My Handy Design, which is basically an AI-bot-gone-wild. According to the Guardian, the algorithm basically sources royalty-free images and slaps them onto cheap plastic cases.

Some of them are normal enough that you might actually get it at a real store, like ‘happy woman running in the sunset’, or ‘Alamo Square, San Francisco.’

But then it gets zanier, and we have ‘cheese wheel on bady’ a woman getting her pits waxed, and the gem that is ‘adult diaper worn by an old man with a crutch’.

For your inner drug addict, they’ve got a ‘still life’ of cocaine on a dark mirror, and heroin in a syringe and a spoon. There’s also a selection of medical photos, which run the gamut from birth control pills and pimples to botox injections and an ingrown toenail. Clearly what any fella would want on their Samsung.

The naughty NSFW bunch is pretty extensive, and I mean if metal butt plugs, strapons and masturbation are your thing, by all means, parade it around on a phone case.

The full catalogue currently numbers roughly 30,000 listings. A bunch of it is rated 3 to 5 stars, which surely means satisfied customers.
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